Need of the hour

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has left everyone grappling with newfound complexities to everyday tasks. According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is transmitted through contaminated droplets from the nose or mouth. These droplets land on clothes, objects, and surfaces around the infected person. Based on preliminary research, the virus can live on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. The current global situation requires us to rethink sanitation of the masses in public places, like airports, offices, buildings etc. since travel has been a catalyst in the spread of the virus.

OlympiCure: The sanitation booth

The Sanitization walk-through booth is an integrated system for the atomization of any biocides and virucides. The booth contains a disinfection liquid mist spray inside to effectively saturate the environment.

OlympiCure is a plausible solution because:

  • It is foundation-free
  • These are space saving retractable booths
  • There are options of permanent or temporary installation
  • Linkable tunnels (can be linked together or linked to existing structures or buildings)
  • Rapid assembly


Any person walking through the booth will be subjected to complete sanitization of clothes and shoes:

  • by a disinfectant mist spraying nozzle
  • post which a blower assists in drying up the mist
  • along with a thermal scanning of the body temperature


Sanitary and decontamination walk-through booths like the OlympiCure, ensure protection and safe entry for everyone, particularly those who are in close contact with groups and are therefore at higher risk.

It can be installed at the entrance of public offices, pharmacies, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, ports, and stations. It is suitable for companies that needs to sanitize their workforce, goods, vehicles, and materials.

Key Features:

  • The booth is light-weighted and retractable. Material used is stainless steel/Aluminum
  • There are 4-6 high functioning fogging nozzles
  • Disinfectant liquid used: Sodium Hypochlorite solutions diluted with water (A hypo solution with 0.02% to 0.05% weight concentration)
  • High alert sensors
  • Thermal Body Scanner
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • The sanitary booth is biodegradable and eco-friendly


Along with the sanitary booth, there are a couple of advisable and necessary accessories that are attached to OlympiCure: –

  • IR Thermometer with face recognition: This AI based device can be used to identify if an individual isn’t wearing a mask and accurately measures the body temperature anomalies. It has a built-in 2M camera that can identify and warn the people who aren’t wearing masks. It’s contact-less, accurate, efficient and is a perfect accessory to the tunnel.
  • Sanitizer Dispenser: It’s necessary to keep your hands clean at all times. The exit of the tunnel can be fitted with a sanitizer dispenser for everyone to keep clean.
  • Air Blower: After being cleansed with the disinfectant spray, the air blower can completely dry you out, as you walk through the tunnel.

Safety Tip

Use masks, ‘face shields’ or ‘safety goggles’ during the walk-through followed by a hand wash using hand-sanitizers to complete the process.

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